Lightning in my area!

8 May

When you see the title of my post you may be think what is the special thing in here!. Because in most of the places except desert or places like that have lightnings in the sky . But the important case is the lightning and thundering in my area ,just get increased after by some period of last year.So many houses had thundered in about last 1 or 2 years.I thought that it will also may have a reason and tried to find out what are the special things happening and changed in my area.
I investigate some few reasons which will occurs for it.
But at last I found most suitable thing for it.
Here it is,
Last two year period three telecommunication companies established their telecommunication towers near our area.Telecommunication towers have two methods for prevent threats from thunders.
1.)Use earth wire as normally we do
2.)Use charge relate thunder preventing method

First method is more expensive than the second method due to it’s high expensive earth wire and some reasons.
Because of that most of the communication companies use the second method.
One of our towers and one non-communication tower use it.
You can easily get what happens in here and how the thundering in our area and second method get related by the picture diagram below.

by  Udaya Shamendra(UD.SHA)

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