Flocking on Flock for vast advantages

8 Apr

  • Flock is the first Social Web Browser in the World.

It has so many features which are in the modern web 2.0 world.

According to my aspect Flock is best suited web browser for me and I love it very much.

I will tell you some more attractive features in there for getting more easy and comfortable in Internet Using.

But it has few disadvantages. I will mention it later.

Screen capture shot of opening page on first installation of Flock .

  • First page named as “My World”.The page have so many links to use lot of social web sites such as Face book ,Digg,Hi5,Flickr,Picasa,….and So many.

Flock support to in built and Live Image , video and any other media streaming on its Media Bar.

    • News Feed Viewer is very attractive thing in Flock. It Use alternative advaced method to view News feed form variouse news sources as seen in this Screen shot.

      Very Important and portable thing is unless we open our e-mail accounts directly(but you should logged in) .

      • If it saved email account information then it will shows how many unread emails you have and what are the titles of them.

        by Udaya Shamendra (UD.SHA)
        pls visit http://www.udsha-udaya.blogspot.com

        Blogged with the Flock Browser

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